8888 (Working Title)

Data-Processing, Media-Installation

This first presentational trailer sketches out a concept for a media-installation, which is based on data-processing. 

The instalation is meant to be a large high-resolution projection of approx. 30 x 12 ft. (This is achieved by 4 seamlessly aligned HD-projectors). 

A specifically written computer programm accesses a digital library and randomly selects publications from divers scientific disciplines, philosophy and humanities as well as other fields of human inquiry and activity. It then reformats them into a socalled „LED“-Font and introduces each individually on the screen. Each publication appears in a different colour and rolls in from different directions and on different parts of the projection area. Each text pauses for some moments, so that the viewer can get an inkling what the subject of each work is and to which field of human inquiry it might be associated with. In this way publications will be juxtaposed from f.i. psychology, mathematics, philosophy, physics and perhaps even a few more „trivial“ texts such as a life-advisor or a cookbook.

From here a phase of mounting and layering of the texts follows, testing possibilities of contextual mounting of the divers topics on the screen.

The programm will then continously accelerate the scrolling speed and load more and more pages.

As the velocity increases the „visual computation“ continously transforms itself. At the same time the readability decreases ang gives way to chaos and patterns of interference.

As the velocity becomes very high another form of order emerges from the chaos. The inherent grid of the LED-font becomes visible upon which all of it´s possbile states flicker in rapid succsession until this becomes almost inconceivable and a stillness settles in. 

The entire process takes approx. 10 minutes. After that it starts again from the beginning and choosing an entirely different set of publications.

The installation addresses the acceleration of human knowing and offers the notion of a convergence of (commonly and historically) separated fields of scientific disciplines as well as other fields of human inquiry and activity. This convergence ultimately computates towards a visual communion that embraces All in a notion of infinity.

The installation is suggested for a public space, for example a large window-front of a building, indoors or outdoors. It would be ideally presented at, through and with an institute, a university and/or a library.

If you would like to engage in a collaboration, please contact me at hallo@patrickpalucki.de




Demo-Clip Programming & Animation Support by telematique