There is a continous and increasing appearance of mystical notions echoing in brandnames, logos and advertising messages in various branches of industry.

In the technology sector there is a canon of heraldry that propagates extended influence and inter-relatedness through a communion of the body and the machine.

Since the mentioned faculties are associated with and were traditionally reserved to the notion of the divine, it is a logical progression that mystical connotations are in use. Even though, one might argue, that there is either a force of becoming at play, which is largely subconscious, and/or the pull of an attractor.

Technology appears as the prosthesis to allow for an evolution towards the omniscient and omnipotent. Transhumanism appears as the strategy.

If the longing for transcendence and immortality displays itself in human intention and creation and gives a direction to evolution, the idea becomes evident that we are in fact dreaming our reality and future into existence.